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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very very stressful and having to deal with the administration of the loved one's estate can also be emotionally testing as well. We have a dedicated Probate team who handle probate matters with dignity, care and sympathy at all times. We can look after all the paperwork for you and take away some of the strain.


Our charges are fixed, which we will quote to you before we undertake any work on your behalf, so you will know what it will cost from the outset. We guarantee to be one of the cheapest providers of Probate services.


As with our other services, we do not charge at all for any advice we give and as part of the Probate service, we can offer advice on the Will and suggest effective ways in which the beneficiaries can protect their inheritances as well.


Call us on 01258 817688 or complete the on line enquiry form to arrange a completely free, no obligation consultation in your own home.

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