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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are in effect a written authority of one person allowing another person to handle their affairs for some unforseen reason such as being incapable through serious illness, accident or becoming mentally ill.

Most people will have heard of an Enduring Power of Attorney. Before 2007 two types were available, a General Power and an Enduring Power (EPA). Unlike a general power, an EPA made before 2007 continues to be efective today. Sadly though, Banks have refused to recognise the EPA so that the appointed person (attorney) has been denied access to a bank account on behalf of the person giving the authority.Since 2007, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) (there are two) have replaced the EPA.   

An LPA that grants authority concerning the property and other financial matters is called a Lasting Power of Attorney (Property & Financial Affairs). An LPA that grants authority in certain circumstances to make decisions concerning medical treatment is called a Lasting Power of Attorney (Health & Welfare)

Unlike the old EPA, both types of Lasting Power of Attorney do not take effect until each has been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. The Fee charged by the OPG registering an LPA is £82. Once they are registered, the LPA can be kept safe to be used any time in the future and they do not have an expiry date. However, the applications can only be made whilst the person making it, is of sound mind and understands what the power is all about. LPA's are very valuable documents and are designed to safeguard the persons assets and or health.

We offer to complete all the necessary documentation to obtain an L P A for just ​£250 ​including applying for registration at the Office of the Public Guardian but exclusive of the registration fee of £82 (some state benefits mean the registration fee is waived such as pension credits).

Remember an LPA can only be applied for whilst the person (the Donor') is able to understand the process. Not when they become ill or unable to cope.

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