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M R N Legal has teamed up with Golden Leaves Funeral Plans to offer prepaid funeral plans which provides peace of mind, knowing that the arrangements you would want for your funeral will be conducted in accordance with your wishes.


Pre-paid fuineral plans are a very good investment and by taking out a plan now your estate could be saved many thousands of pounds in the future. The cost of funerals has historically increased over and above the rate of inflation and this theme is set to continue. A funeral costing £850 ten years ago, would cost nearer £3000 now.


Buying a funeral plan at today's prices GUARANTEES the funeral directors costs will be met in full in the future and of course you can plan exactly the funeral you would want yourself.


  • Plans tailored to your needs with a local funeral director of your choice
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • No financial burden on your loved ones
  • No health checks
  • Totally independant trust meaning your payments are secure
  • Easy payment scheme and insurance backed. 'Over 50's' plans available
  • Eco Concious 'green' funerals also available
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
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